Saturday, September 8, 2018

How to Hire a Los Angeles Magician for Your Corporate Event?

Is your company in Los Angeles California or Orange County California looking to hire a local magician for one of your corporate events? Are you looking for a magician to perform at a team building function, sales awards, corporate holiday parties, mergers, sales training sessions, company tradeshows or any other corporate venue. We will list a few things to consider when looking to hire the right magician for your corporate function. 

1. Type of Magician: When searching for a magician to perform at one of your local company events in Los Angeles or Orange County CA, it is important to decide the type of magician you seek to match with your corporate event. Magicians have a variety of specialties, for example:
• Clean Comedic Magicians for adults
• Closeup Magicians
• Adult Oriented Magicians
• Award Winning Magicians
• Celebrity Magicians
• It is important to make sure the magician you choose does not specialize as a magician for children when looking to fulfill a magical experience at your corporate event unless of course your company function is family day.

2. Magicians Website: When considering a professional magician, review the magicians website and the magicians experience. Most experienced and professional magicians will have a video for you to view of their performances. 

3. Magicians Credentials: Choose a seasoned magician for your corporate event.  A good magician will entertain your company employees and make your corporate event memorable. Ask the magician the following:
• Did the magician receive any magician award’s
• Any testimonials
• Has the magician performed a corporate functions and for whom

4. Ask Your Local Magician:
• Who have you performed for previously
• What type of magic will you perform
• How long is your magic performance
• Will you be offering a variety of magic packages for corporate functions
• If close-up magic is offered, will you perform close-up magic and do you offer more than one type of show for our different venues such as reception, dinner, awards ceremony etc.

If you would like to discover a professional magician located locally in Los Angeles and Orange County CA that has performed on a regular basis at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, Disney Resorts, Corporate 500 Venues, Celebrity’s and a Recipient of 1st Place International Champion of Magic for Close-up Magic, please visit our site and or contact us today! or Call 888-624-4233